Thursday, December 30, 2010

Timing: Life's Little Ironies (A Poem)

You take your umbrella each day
But the very one day you refrain
Surely you’ll hear pitter patter
‘Cause that’s the one day it will rain.

The phone has been dead as a stone,
Not one single ding-ding-a-ling
The moment that you’re indisposed,
That’s when the phone’s sure to ring.

That thig-a-ma-jig in the drawer,
You’ve had it since heaven knows when,
As soon as you throw the what’s-it away
That’s when you need it again!

You’re watching the clock tick, tick tock,
It’s quiet with nothing to do
You leave for a five-minute break,
That’s when the boss looks for you.

The wherefores of life’s little ironies
The good Lord only knows.
I suspect they’re a kind of coincidence
To keep us all on our toes.

Joan Virzera

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