Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feeling Forlawn

As Spring began this year, my thoughts went to, "What am I going to do about my lawn!"  I almost resigned myself to believing that I fought the lawn and the lawn won, but I couldn't give up.  I went online, headed for Amazon, to buy a rake or thatch, when in popped an email for a backyard makeover contest.  Could it have been providential that I would receive this email, enter the contest, and win?  No more weed worries?  Last I checked, there were over 15,000 entries, so I figure I had made the right decision to buy the rake anyway.  

My entry:

Lived most my life in Brooklyn
On a concrete city block.
I'm now a Long Island lady
With severe suburban shock!
I concede the wisdom of the phrase
"You reap what you have sown"
Yet I haven't sown a single seed
And reap every weed that's known.
I was just online this morning
to find a rake or thatch.
I wish I could remove my lawn
And start anew from scratch
When in popped an email
Which gave me hope and more!
A lawn that looked almost like mine!
Till I saw the word "Before".
My backyard's much worse than the front;
The only saving grace
Is that it is more private
So less of a disgrace.
I read about your contest:
An outdoor dream come true!
I've never won the lottery,
May have better luck with you.
So here's my humble entry,
Just one of lots no doubt
I leave you now.  I'm busy.
Got more weeds to pull out!

Joan Virzera

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