Friday, January 7, 2011


About twenty years ago, I had been speaking with a friend on the telephone. At some point in the conversation, he asked me what time it was. It had been 11:11 PM. We had been having a positive conversation about religion, and when I told him the time, he commented, offhandedly, that these vertical numbers, the ones, can be symbolic of our relationship with God. Since that conversation, so long ago, I have noticed the number 1111 or have happened to catch 11:11 on a digital clock, at coincidental times.

I did a Google search on this so-called phenomenon of the "elevens" and there are all sorts of speculations, some rather outlandish, as to why many people find meaning in seeing this number. Perhaps, it may be that once significance is attached to a particular thing, a number in this case, one is more likely to notice it. Yet, for me, 1111 has become a comforting little sign.

Throughout the years, since that telephone conversation, 1111 has served as a sacramental to me, a holy reminder, to say a little prayer when I happened to see the number. I had also noticed that I would see the number, 1111 or notice the time, 11:11, after I had done something good, such as an unselfish act to help someone.  I saw it as a confirmation that I had done the right thing and that God was communicating to me that He was pleased. 

One summer day, a few years ago, I had been walking along Main Street in my town. I was thinking about my teaching career. I loved my profession and put my heart and soul into teaching children. One becomes a stockbroker, not a Catholic School teacher, to make money, and I would often remind myself that God's plan for me was to give up my stockbroker's license and to follow a teaching career. (I will post separately to the blog just how this came about.)

As I strolled through town, I reminisced about how rewarding it had been and how happy it would make me feel when my class was complimented on  their performance, when they won awards, when they sang beautifully at Masses the songs I had taught them.

All of a sudden, a dark thought came to my mind that my career choice not only involved a financial sacrifice, but there was little merit in it because all my hard work had been motivated by pride in excelling as a teacher, I asked God,to give me a sign that this intrusive thought was not true. Within seconds, I saw in large, black bold numbers, 1111, on a yellow taxi that had stopped right in front of me. They were the last four digits of the phone number of the L.I. Yellow taxi service. I remember reading that the yellow and black combination of colors were the most eye-catching when used in combination. 

I found this on Google:

In 1907, car salesman John Hertz looked at his surplus of traded-in cars and decided to start a taxicab business. Since taxis need to stand out in a sea of cars, Hertz reportedly commissioned a study to determine which color was easiest to spot at a distance. The answer was yellow.

I believe that God did not want me to entertain my disheartening thought for very long, and He made sure I got the message loud and clear!  And I have never again doubted the purity of my intentions as a teacher.

Joan Virzera


  1. I'm so glad I read your blog! It is very comforting to me to find something positive about the subject. I started seeing 1111 a about 3 months ago, and I am seeing it everywhere!(clocks, radio stations, t-shirts....etc) I have seen several different sites on the subject, but most of them are not Christian so I quickly disregard them. I know that it is more than a coinsidence because it happens all the time.Two days ago I prayed and asked god to please make it prominent if it was sent from him. I got to work and pulled up my commissions so far for the month and it showed 11 activations, 11.11% sales dollars, and 11.11% return rate then I finished with my first customer and checked my phone for the time and it was 11:11am. Again, it is so good to feel like this is a good thing and to know that I'm not alone because I real

  2. i've kept seeing 1111 since last year untill now from every where, and i'm not a Christian..... but i hope God is always around me and take care of me...

  3. God is always there and He takes care of all His children.

  4. Read Matthew 20 KJV, it will put light on the 11's ...and just the fact you put the 11's in association with the Lord God, your getting the call! God bless..cant wait to meet all of you in heaven..

  5. Wow, really? I have had this same experience with this mystical feeling about the force of eleven eleven in my own life, this is a sign if you decide to accept it or not, I have heard those who are experiencing this referred to as lightbearers or holders of light, God gave us a responsibility to help others see he is real and hold fast to the lessons of our Lord, see this as a connection between us and the eternal light, and be the light he wants you to be

  6. After reading the astonishing story behind this object, it became very clear that it was a sign from God:

  7. Enjoyed your readings - funny that you posted this at 7:14 which can be broken down into significant numbers in the bible, basically to "keep going to the end." Daniel 11 reveals the "book sealed until the end" which can be followed line by line as a gift to us and certainly Isaiah 11:11 says it. Pete